Monday, December 12, 2011

Abby the Cat

This is Abby the Cat.  She's a Bengal (she's a seventh generation domesticated from an Asian Leopard of some sort).  Just like most cats, she rules the place.  She goes where she wants to go and does what she wants to do.  She has ruined our carpet.  She likes to be up high and so she is constantly climbing~ her favorite spot is on the high shelves above the fridge in the kitchen.  She stares at our fish for hours.  If we let her outside she takes off for weeks on end and drives us crazy looking for her.  She meows, loudly, when she wants to play.  She has plastic stretchy frogs that we throw and she "fetches" them and sometimes brings them back to us.  She will chase anything.  If you play peek-a-boo with her she will smack you on the face.  Hard.  She is fat.  She doesn't look fat in the face but she has a huge belly.  She loves to eat.  She hides from new kids, usually behind the long curtains in my bedroom but sometimes deep under our bed.  When she's done something naughty she has a guilty look on her face and she'll hide under the kitchen table until we pet her and tell her its alright.  I can't stand this cat.  I adore this cat.

Check out more "furry faces" on the i heart faces photo challenge this week!


  1. beautiful photograph! I love the lighting on her

  2. beautiful photo! her eyes and nose are so pretty.

  3. Gorgeous capture, love the lighting.
    I particularily love the comment, "I can't stand this cat. I adore this cat."
    Made me laught out loud.

  4. Aww, she's so cute! We have an Abyssinian and a Tonkinese that both love to play fetch. They love when I throw the toy down the basement steps.

  5. Awesome cat. I love their personalities. :)


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